Bargain Stays In Jan 22

We have applied for planning permission ( complicated in the conservation area of a village itself within an Area of Outstanding Natural beauty)  and subject to permission during  January 2022 we  hope to demolish our aged garage and replace it with a smart new building.The one to be demolished is the one with the black door to the right of the handrail in the image above.

The new building will include a proper lockable cycle store for your bikes, a clean dry store for our team, a better bin shed/Barbecue store and also an electric car charging point. So exciting!

Our team of local builders will work from Monday mornings to Friday afternoons, usually from around 8.30 to  4. They will not be working at weekends, the work area will be fenced off with  builders fencing, and they will not be entering the cottage at all. The cottage will be completely unaffected and you will still have plenty of parking space and the garden will still be fenced for pets . Guests only use the existing garage for a store for BBQ , firewood and dustbins.

WEEKEND BARGAINS If you look on our availability page you will see that prices of weekends at this time are now reduced- simply because you will have to see the  works as you enter and leave- but otherwise they will have no effect at all on you or the cottage.

MIDWEEK BARGAINS TOO We have blocked off Mondays to Fridays  from on line sale because there will be workmen present in the garden 9.30-4 Monday  and 8.00-4 Tuesday to Friday and for many guests this would not be ideal. However, if you would be happy to accept the men working, perhaps while you are out walking, cycling, or even at work yourself, they will not bethere in the evenings, please be in touch. We would be happy to accept a booking at a much lower than usual rate!

And what if our works are delayed and nothing is going on?? You still get the reduced price we have promised.

Just ask!


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