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Trip Advisor/Flipkey Top Vacation Rental Award 2011 Trip Advisor Excellence Award  2014 WINNERS of the Best Place to Stay in Wales (small Self Catering category) with Tintern Abbey Cottage Croeso Cynnes Cymreig - a warm Welsh Welcome hospitality award. 2014 Trip Advisor Excellence award We are proud to be trained Monmouthshire Ambassadors ! Gold Award Winner Best Visitor Welcome 2015 National Tourism Awards Wales World Host Accredited business Monmouthshire Business Awards   2015 and 2016 . 2 years running Winner of Best Travel Tourism and Hospitality  Business . Also runner up in Best Green Business . Both against much larger organisations! Winners of  the Foresters Best Eco Business  Award  2016 Proud to have won the Spotlight Awards Best Family Business title 2017

Access Statement Foxes Reach

We are always happy to discuss any aspect of the cottage and its suitability for your holiday, and to describe the cottage and its features to you over the telephone.

Please call us on 01600 860341 within the UK or +44 1600 860341 from overseas.

Inside the cottage, we maintain a visitors guide to the facilities, information about the locality as well as other important information including contact numbers for the local emergency services and hospitals.

We welcome Assistance dogs and the information pack also includes contact details for Vets that we are able to recommend.

This body of this document has been set in 14 pt using Arial as the type face.

Car Parking

  • Unloading and loading passengers and luggage
  • You may park in-front of the cottage front door to unload.
  • The surface is firm tarmac with a very slight incline , kerb stone.
  • At all other times we ask you to use our private off road car parking
  • Can accommodate up to two large vehicles, might squeeze in a third if small.
  • Firm asphalt surface
  • 46 m from the cottage front door

Slight gradient downhill towards the cottage via a firm tarmac lane


Access to Foxes Reach Cottage

Access is via three steps

  • Handrail on the right hand side of the 3 steps going down
  • The edges of the steps are marked with white lines
  • Average height of the rise of each step varies between 18cm and 23 cm.
  • There is an external light triggered by movement that illuminates the steps at night.


  • Small step up from the level flagged path into the porch
  • Height of step approximately 6cm
  • Maximum accessible width of the porch is 73cm

Floor surface

  • Flat, firm porcelain/stone tile which continues throughout the downstairs hallway, shower-room and toilet and kitchen and dining room.
  • Light within the porch triggered by movement to enable visitors to locate the door lock in the front door with ease.

Front door

  • Code box operated using a press button code box with a turn knob,
  • Lock located mid-way up the door on the right hand side
  • Front door opens inwards


  • White walls and ceiling with a pinkish beige stone coloured tiled floor


  • Wall mounted lights
  • Switches to the right hand side of the front door as you come in from the porch

Downstairs bathroom


  • Tiled with small limestone mosaic style tiles with a pinkish beige tinge
  • Floors tiles as previously described


  • Ceiling mounted pull switch on the right hand side of the door upon entering the bathroom
  • Five ceiling mounted halogen lights
  • Designed to give good general light and highlight the bathroom mirror.

Wash basin and toilet

  • White

Shower cubicle

  • An enclosed semi-circular unit
  • White base and supports with two clear hinged doors which open outwards
  • Step up into the unit is 22cm from the floor to the top edge of the door rail
  • Step down to the floor of the shower tray is 7cm from the top of the unit.


  • Two shower heads, one is fixed overhead and the second is removable from its bracket to be used as a hand shower
  • Two control knobs which turn (bi directional) The left hand knob controls the shower to be used and the right hand  controls  the temperature and water flow to the chosen shower head.

Hand wash basin

  • Hot and cold mixer tap
  • Swivel lever type of tap
  • Fixed swivel  plug


  • Lever flush

Kitchen and Dining Area


  • White painted walls with the far end and left hand wall built from natural unpainted stone.
  • The right hand wall, upon entering the room has two sizeable windows set into it .

The kitchen is separated from the dining area by the sink unit set into the work surface.

  • Cupboards are white with beech-wood work surfaces.
  • Dining room table  is white. The chairs are covered in dark brown padded leather seats.



  • Twin sinks with a Swan neck spout that can be swivelled from one basin to the other
  • Separate hot and cold taps
  • Screw type taps
  • Both sinks have  a plug that is inserted into a slot manually.


  • Cordless variety


  • Push button operation
  • Pull down door
  • Electric hob, smooth glass surface
  • A combination of pushing a button and turning knobs to operate
  • We show you how to operate the unit safely on arrival.

Electric Oven

  • Operated using knobs that turn

Microwave Oven

  • A combination of push buttons and dials
  • Located above the kitchen work surface but suspended from the wall mounted cupboards

Electric toaster

  • Push down lever and dial operation      

TV and DVD player

  • Remote control


  • Two areas of eyeball spotlights.One in the kitchen area and the other in the dining area
  • Each area has halogen spotlights.


  • Floor mounted and Wall mounted
  • Knobs to open the doors which open outwards
  • Glassware, Cutlery and cooking utensils are stored in the floor-level cupboards

Rear Door to the Garden and Laundry

Rear Door

  • Maximum door width 76cm


  • Sliding and twist type locks and bolts
  • Step
  • Step down to the flagged area
  • Step 13cm

Outside flagged area with access to the laundry and garden

  • Slate chippings



  • Key operated doorlock
  • Small step up into the laundry – 9cm with a small lip of approximately 1.5cm which has to be stepped over to enter the laundry room.
  • Floor – flagged stone

Exit to roadway

  • Door with turn type lever lock           
  • Step down 12cm onto a flagstone step approximately 44cm to its edge from the door.
  • Step down17cm onto chippings
  • Step down 5cm to the roadway. This is a driveway used to access a nearby property.


  • Circular  light ceiling mounted.
  • Rocker switch mounted to left of door frame
  • External light PIR operated with rocker type switch to the left of doorframe inside the laundry

Ceiling mounted infrared heater

  • Time switch to operate the heater, push button type, wall mounted on right hand side of the door as you enter the laundry at a height of 1.8m from the floor.


Washing machines

  • Combination of push button and dial controls

Tumble Dryer

  • Dial control



  • Slate chippings

Hot Tub

Hot tub set onto flagstones. Two wooden steps up to enter tub. No handrail. Tub itself can be slippery and a second person present is strongly advisable if the user is infirm. Certain medical conditions are listed by the tub manufacturers as rendering the tub unsuitable for sufferers. these include heart conditions, high and low blood pressures, epilepsy and diabetes. Those with contagious and infectious conditions and the incontinent may not use the tub.

Chairs and Table

  • Seating for up to six at the table
  • Chairs have armrests
  • Stretched mesh seating
  • Slightly raked seatbacks (not vertical), sun loungers also available.


  • Laid to lawn
  • Slopes gently uphill away from the cottage with the lower area near the cottage being relatively flat.
  • There is a firm, level, path (slate chippings) alongside the cottage in the garden
  • There are two steps located on the “upper” area of lawn which enable access to the car parking area.
  • There are two steps one is 22cm high and the upper one is 24cm high.
  • The surface of the steps is firm built from stone.
  • The surface at the top of the steps comprises loose small gravel slate chippings.

Garden fencing

  • The garden is fenced and we have welcomed many dogs without a problem but any determined dog may escape if it has a mind to.Small dogs in particular may be able to exit through the gates when closed

Inside the Cottage

Sitting Room


  • White painted and natural stone walls
  • Dark oak furniture
  • Engineered Oak flooring
  • Chestnut leather sofas and chairs
  • Windows in three of the walls


  • Door width 73cm


  • Soft leather sofas and easy chairs with armrests


TV and entertainment systems

  • Teletext TV
  • Remote controls for TV, Sky, Video, DVD player,CD Player

WiFi internet access



  • Zoned recessed ceiling halogen lights. 4 dimmable lights and six “non-dimmable lights.
  • Central wall mounted dimmer switch and rocker switch for the non dimmable” lights.
  • Additional ambient lighting from table lamps


  • Engineered oak wooden flooring  plus loose rugs

Stairs to bedrooms

Walls and decor

  • Left hand wall going upstairs is painted white
  • On the right hand side of the stairs the banister rail is wooden and a light oak brown colour
  • The fitted carpet is blue


  • Width varies from 61cm to 71cm
  • There are eleven steps
  • The average height of the rise of the steps is 21cm
  • At the top of the stairs there is also a white grab rail on the left hand side going up the stairs.


  • Centre light mounted in the ceiling above the stair well and emergency escape light which glows green.
  • Light switches to operate the light on the top landing and at the bottom of the stairs in the sitting room

Upstairs landing

Walls and decor

  • The walls and doors to the bedrooms and bathroom are painted white
  • The carpet throughout the landing and bedrooms is blue


  • There is a gentle slope uphill from the landing towards the bathroom


Walls and décor

  • Blue fitted carpet throughout
  • Each bedroom has its unique style of décor as described below.

Door widths

  • Vary from 63cm to a maximum of 73cm

Captains Cabin double bedroom

Walls and fitments

  • Walls are painted white and a very pale blue
  • Fitted wardrobes and dressing table are white
  • Drawers slide to open by pulling handles
  • Wardrobe door pulls open

King size double bed

  • Black iron bedstead
  • Standard height


  • Six halogen  spotlights operated using a push button and turn dimmer switch
  • Two bedside lights with push switches operated from the bed.



  • Remote control


  • Hand held with press down switches

Queen sized double bedroom

Walls and fitments

  • Walls are painted pale yellow
  • Fitted wardrobes and dressing table are white
  • Drawers slide to open by pulling handles
  • Wardrobe door pulls open


  • Central fitment with four halogen spotlights
  • Two additional halogen lights angled over the mirror
  • Wall mounted dimmer switch
  • Two bedside lights switch operated from the bed



  • Remote control


Front single bedroom

Walls and fitments

  • Walls are painted white
  • Wardrobe has a white finish
  • Two front opening doors by pulling on handles
  • Drawer unit has a blue  finish
  • Sliding drawers by pulling on knobs

Single bed

  • Black iron bedstead


  • Central ceiling mounted unit with 3 halogen spotlights
  • Wall mounted rocker switch
  • One switch operated bedside light



  • Remote control


Rear Single bedroom

Walls and fitments

  • Walls painted as follows
  • Left hand wall on entering the bedroom is painted cream
  • The far wall with the window and the right hand wall on the far side of the bed is lavender in colour
  • The fourth wall has a fitted wardrobe painted cream


Dressing table

  • White finish with a wooden dressing table surface
  • Sliding drawers opened by pulling on the knobs

Fitted Wardrobe

  • Two full height sliding doors


  • Single bed with cream iron bedstead
  • Standard height


  • Central ceiling mounted fitment with three halogen spotlights
  • Wall mounted rocker type light switch
  • Two switch operated bedside lights



  • Remote control



Walls and fitments

  • Walls - light green tiles

Fitted cupboards

  • White cupboards and doors
  • Surface is grey marble effect

Bath, Toilet and washbasin

  • White


  • Floor tiled with grey “wood grain” effect finish


  • Central ceiling mounted light unit
  • Four lights above the washbasin
  • Ceiling mounted pull switch to operate all of the lights

Taps and plugs etc

Toilet flush

  • Push button

Wash Basin


  • Two star type taps that have to be turned


  • “Pop-up” type using a lever


  • Access
  • 54cm from floor to the top of the bath side
  • 41cm from the top of the bath side to the bottom of the inside of the bath
  • Grab Handle
  • There is a small grab handle on the opposite side of the bath
  • Taps
  • Two star type taps that have to be turned
  • Hand held shower attachment for rinsing hair
  • Lever operated to enable water to flow to the shower unit.



  • All windows require a handle to be turned to unlock them
  • Some windows open inwards
  • Some windows need to be pushed open


Central heating

  • Radiators have twist and turn thermostatic valves to set the desired temperature in each room

Woodburning stove

  • Pull up lever to open door
  • Slide lever and an air vent that needs to be turned to control airflow and regulate temperature

Smoke Alarms

  • Audible type 

Mains Emergency lighting



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