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Trip Advisor/Flipkey Top Vacation Rental Award 2011 Trip Advisor Excellence Award  2014 WINNERS of the Best Place to Stay in Wales (small Self Catering category) with Tintern Abbey Cottage Croeso Cynnes Cymreig - a warm Welsh Welcome hospitality award. 2014 Trip Advisor Excellence award We are proud to be trained Monmouthshire Ambassadors ! Gold Award Winner Best Visitor Welcome 2015 National Tourism Awards Wales World Host Accredited business Monmouthshire Business Awards   2015 and 2016 . 2 years running Winner of Best Travel Tourism and Hospitality  Business . Also runner up in Best Green Business . Both against much larger organisations! Winners of  the Foresters Best Eco Business  Award  2016 Proud to have won the Spotlight Awards Best Family Business title 2017

Access Statement Vanilla Cottage

We are always happy to discuss any aspect of the cottage and its suitability for your holiday, and to describe the cottage and its features to you over the telephone.

Please call us on 01600 860341 within the UK or +44 1600 860341 from overseas.

Inside the cottage, we maintain a visitors guide to the facilities, information about the locality as well as other important information including contact numbers for the local emergency services and hospitals.

We welcome Assistance dogs and the information pack also includes contact details for local Vets with 24hr service.

This body of this document has been set in 14 pt using Arial as the type face.

Car Parking

  •  Private off-road car parking
  •  Clearly signed “Vanilla Parking” on a Car style number plate – Black letters on a white background
  •  Suitable for one family estate (eg VW Passat)
  •  Firm flat asphalt surface
  •  Steps to the garden adjacent to the car parking
  •  50m from the top of the steps by the parking to the cottage front step.

Access to the Garden

 Four steps

  •  Edged with flagstones and rough gravel inserts
  •  Hand rail on the right hand side going up the steps and a solid wall on the left hand side
  •  PIR light sensors operate at night to illuminate the steps

 At the top of the steps

  •  Rough gravel area at the top of the steps approximately 2.2m wide
  •  Gateway into the Garden
  •  Metal gate into the garden hinged on the left as going into the garden with a latch on the right hand side.
  •  Paved path approximately 46 m in length.
  •  Slight incline from the garden gate to the cottage.
  •  Path comprises small flagstones
  •  One step up from the path to the Patio
  •  White lines painted on the edge of the step
  •  Height of the step 23cm


  •  Large firm flat flagstones
  •  Edged with white lines to denote edges

 Patio seating

  •  Metal garden seats with armrests
  •  Seats are of stretched mesh fabric
  •  Seat backs are angled backwards and cannot be adjusted
  •  Seats and backs are “firm.”

 Steps to the Cottage

  •  One further step up from the Patio
  •  White lines painted on the edge of the step
  •  Height of the step 15cm
  •  Step up into the cottage
  •  Height of the step 25cm

Front Door

  •  Illuminated by porch light operated by PIR movement sensor

 Door Lock

  •  Gold finish set against a white front door
  •  Digital key pad requires keys to be pressed in a sequence
  •  Located approximately 1.2 m from floor level
  •  Door opened and closed by turning a knob.

Inside the cottage


  •  Standard rocker type switches
  •  Operate wall and ceiling mounted lights in all rooms and entrance hall

Door heights

  •  The lowest door height in the cottage is approximately 1.53m

Internal doors

  •  Locks and latches
    •  Black in colour set against white doors
    •  Traditional latches which have to be lifted up
    •  Swivel “toggle” latch in one instance


  •  Downstairs
  •  Slate style tiling throughout
  •  Stairs and Upstairs
  •  Fitted Carpet
  •  Bathroom (Upstairs)
  • Tiled floor with wood-grain effect surface


  •  Windows
  •  Turn handle to operate
  •  Push to open and pull to shut


  •  Radiators
  •  Independently controlled using twist thermostatic valve on each radiator.

Décor and colour contrasting

  • Walls and doors throughout the cottage are painted White, except as follows:

Sitting room

  • Medium blue walls
  • Seating Black
  • Floor Dark grey


  • Kitchen units are white with black work surfaces
  • Kitchen table – white
  • Floor Dark Grey


  • White walls
  • Bannister rail
  • White plus red rope rail
  • Honey gold carpet


  • White tiled walls
  • White bath, basin and toilet
  • Light grey floor


  • Cupboards
  • White
  • Honey gold carpets
  • Single bed
    • Black cast iron frame
    • King size double bed
    • Pewter frame

Entrance Hall

  •  Cupboard off the entrance hall
    •  Wooden swivel lock
    •  Door opens outwards into the hall
  •  Cupboard contains
  •  Tumble drier
    •  Front opening door
  • Cleaning equipment except Dyson which lives upstairs
  • Iron and ironing board (folding)

Sitting Room

 Sofas and Chairs

  •  Comfortable leather easy chairs
  •  Footstool provided

 Entertainment system

  •  Text service on TV
  •  Remote controls for TV,DVD and Sky


  •  Ceiling mounted pendant supplemented by wall mounted units
  •  Mood lighting from two table lamps

Woodburning stove

  • Controls
    •  Slide lever
    •  Lift up handle
    •  Knob that needs to be turned to control airflow
    •  Door opens outwards


  • Latches that lift or knobs that have to be pulled to open the doors



  •  Corded Electric kettle


  •  Push down “pop-up” style toaster


  • Push button operation
  • Drop down door
  • Baskets slide out


  •  Dial and push button controls
  •  Hanging from the underside of top wall mounted cupboards above the work surface

Double Electric Hob and Oven

  • Dial controls
  • Pull down door
  • Washer / Tumble dryer
  • Dials and push button / rocker switch operation

Fridge and freezer both with outward opening doors


  •  Crockery
    • stored in floor-mounted low level cupboards
  • Cutlery
    • Stored in a slide out drawer located in a floor-mounted low level cupboard
  •  Cooking utensils and glassware located in high level cupboards above the work surfaces
  •  Cooking knives located in a knife block on the work surface.

 Sink taps

  • Swan neck with separate hot and cold knobs that turn.


  • Two ceiling zones each with LED spotlights.

Dining room chairs

  • Hard back chairs without armrests.

Stairs to the bedroom and bathroom

Stairs- Twisting and steep almost a spiral

  • Thirteen steps
  • Each approximately 23 cm in height
  • Handrail / Bannister rope at the top of the stairs on the left hand side going up.


  • Central light over the stair well
  • Controlled from switches at the top landing and the sitting room



  • Four halogen spotlights
  • Ceiling mounted pull cord operation also operates ventilator


  • Hold and cold mixer Tap with swivel lever that also lifts up and down to control the flow.
  • Fixed swivel type plug


  • Height of the bath 60cm from the floor
  • Step down into the bath (40cm)
  • Hot and cold mixer Tap with swivel lever that also lifts up and down to control the flow. Pull up knob to activate the shower.
  • Click clack Plug
  • Whirpool jets operated by push button

Shower screen

  • Curved glass screen
  • Showerhead is detachable from the support rail
  • When attached the height of the showerhead can be adjusted by sliding it up and down the rail.


  •  Push button with full and half flush option.

Double bedroom


  • Two wall units mounted provide main room lighting
  • Two bedside lights operated by touch bases

TV and DVD player

  •  Remote control

Ipod docking station with alarm clock and radio. Push button and knob operation.

Dressing tables and bedside lights

  •  Lights touch base control


  • Door opens outwards by pulling on knob.

Single bedroom


  • A wall unit mounted provides main room lighting
  • A bedside light operated by push switch


  • Doors open outwards by pulling on knob


  • Rocker switch operation

Heat and Smoke Alarms
Audible type.

Emergency mains light on stairwell


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