Spring breaks at Monmouthshire Cottages

Snowdrop and Daffodil 3 and 4 night bargain breaks

Relaxing Spring breaks at Monmouthshire Cottages

Relaxing Spring breaks at Monmouthshire Cottages

Snowdrop and Daffodil 3 and 4 night bargain breaks

Relaxing Spring breaks at Monmouthshire Cottages

Snowdrop and Daffodil 3 and 4 night bargain breaks

Bluebells smell fabulous

Late April into May

Spring 2022 breaks

Looking to get away for some fresh air and a great walk? Wanting a cosy romantic escape to the country? Dreaming of a warm soak in a hot tub before retreating to the woodburner?

We have spring breaks at all three cottages plus a couple of specials with little extras included for St Dynwens ( Welsh Patron Saint of Lovers) St Valentines ( needs no introduction) and St Davids day! ( Patron Saint of Wales)  Have a look!

How long is a short break?

In general  other cottages offer very short  weekend breaks  arriving Friday and turfing you out on Sunday. Ours are more relaxed. We offer Friday afternoon arrivals  departing anytime on Sunday but we  do even let you stay to Monday morning for no extra charge.  We know that some people have to leave us  during Sunday  and some cane enjoy the free extra time  but this free extra time pattern allows you to stay as much of the weekend  as you are able. Let’s face it you don’t really want to be turfed out early on a Sunday morning do you?  A lie in and a leisurely walk  and lunch are surely more appealing before you return to reality.

Mid week breaks are the same price as a weekend but with a further BONUS of one extra ( 4th)  night FREE. Arrive Monday afternoon depart Friday morning  or at any times within that- the cottage is all yours..

If course if you would like to stay longer than  a short break please ask!

Vanilla – The little gingerbread romantic cottage close to a riverbank pub

Are you just a couple?   Vanilla is our ever popular romantic little cottage and its short breaks sell fast . With woodburner, 5ft bed, spa bath and very good TV  its not surprising!  Add both golf and excellent walking and eating from the step and a plethora of good eatieries nearby  and its irresistible,  Best value short breaks are Friday to Monday( 3 nights) and Monday to Friday ( 4 nights for the price of 3) . We will quote for other start days and durations however so do ask us.

If its full you can CHOOSE TO HAVE EXTRA SPACE for very little extra cost ! Note our “couples deal” offer which applies to Foxes Reach and Tintern Abbey Cottage ( which each sleep up to six and where the special breaks prices are usually for parties of more than 2)

Foxes Reach – the one with its own hot tub

During January/ February at Foxes Reach  we offer  the more relaxed three night Friday to Monday and four night Monday to Friday breaks. On some dates we will sometimes offer a 2 night short break price  for a party of only two using just one of the double bedrooms at this time ( so without the option of staying the third night , this  deal will mean leaving at 10 on Sunday morning)  Please ask or see the availability table..

All offers include the hot tub and of course there is the woodburner. Snuggle up!

These short stays are still long enough stay for a good soak in the hot tub and a glow by the woodburner, a lovely relaxing weekend or  a midweeks stay away!

Tintern Abbey Cottage – the one where you stroll to the pub or gaze at the Abbey

At prizewinning Tintern Abbey Cottage 3 night Spring short breaks for a party of  only 2 start again in January  and there are also bargains for parties of up to 6. Gaze at the Abbey or stroll to the pub from a cosy and stylish base (strongly recommended as a winter get away by The Times ). Refreshing!

Click here for PRICES for all three cottages in January February  and early March and the various short breaks .

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