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Book your cottage easily

Open all hours wherever you are

WELCOME CROESO to our live availability and booking page (which is kept right up to date!) TECHNICAL PROBLEM  OUR SMALL PARTY SPECIAL OFFERS are stuck and  showing as the price for your stay even when you are not a small party and you have put in a bigger party size! ! Clearly this is not correct !  WE ARE STILL OFFERING REDUCTIONS FOR PARTIES OF LESS THAN 6 ( USUALLY 2) AT FOXES REACH AND TINTERN ABBEY COTTAGE IN  January February early March  and again later in the year ( November and December up until Christmastime). For the moment please look at the availability as this is correct , fill in the booking form to hold the space and e mail us for correct price for your party size! At the moment the small party price shows even when you put in a party size of more than 2 people and a higher price should apply, so sorry! If the price you see ends in a few odd pence it is probably caused by a percentage reduction  on the small party so please do check with us if you see this and you are a party of more than 2!)

 How to check up to date availability and see prices and special offers

Enter  your preferred check in date on the calendar to the right ( at the bottom on some mobile devices)  and click  on  the green SEARCH  button. Then you will see all three cottages one below the other . You can scroll dates forward and back and will clearly see the dates , stay durations and prices for each cottage . Price reductions and offers are included in prices shown

The Early Booking 10% OFF offer  for 2023 is not included in the prices shown so prices will be reduced for you!  You need to claim this discount  at the time of making the booking by e mailing us! We will collect the deposit as usual and in our confirmation we will show that we will remove 10% from the cost of the stay at the time of charging you the balance. Applies to stays of 4 nights or more and stays must be booked and deposit paid between 25 May 22 and 25 August 22.Sorry but does not apply to agency bookings. Does not apply if you have not claimed the deal before we send your confirmation!


To make a booking – just fill in the form!

How many people can stay for the price?

The prices  shown are for the whole cottage and for its maximum number of occupants ie 6 in the case of Tintern Abbey Cottage and Foxes Reach

Not a full house?  Smaller party prices are also offered on some dates

On some dates we do  also have discount offers for smaller parties  . These are a good discount deal when the house is not going to be full  We show prices for extra people so  you can still book  for your exact party size, and make a saving over the full house price. Please read the full offer details carefully. If the price shown ends with a few odd pence you are probably seeing a discounted rate. Click and hover over the orange box to check the full details of the deal.  When you make the booking please remember to add the extra charges for any extra people. ( The system is not clever enough to do this for you though we can do it manually! ( For example if there is a small party price for 2 people and you want to bring three you have to add the third person chage from the drop down menu yourself. its not enough to show party size as 3. Sorry we know this is a bit clumpy and we are working on it.)

There is no catch to this except that we will ask you to use only the right number of bedrooms for the booked people and not the other beds. This saves us  a lot of laundry  and its why we offer the deal. Fair enough?

Want a different start date or duration?

If the duration or start date you require is not shown please contact us and we will gladly quote.

How to pay

We take credit and debit cards  ( Mastercard , Visa , Amex only )  all free of charge to you . Once your on line booking request has been received  we will e mail you  with a  secure link to enter your card details or you can telephone us  with the same information.

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