Terms and Conditions

We comply with all Welsh Government advice and requirements concerning Covid precautions for your protection. We hold the Good to Go Kitemark. Please see below for our terms and conditions which are regularly updated to reflect Welsh Government advice and instructions.( Please note that regulations, recommendations and Laws of Wales are sometimes, but not always the same as those in other parts of the UK)  Because Covid restrictions and regulations are amended by Government on a frequent basis the latest situation will be reflected in the booking confirmation sent to you when you pay your deposit.

It is our policy to continually improve and upgrade the facilities at the cottages. The presentation of the cottages is important to us. We are very proud of our five star grading and strive to ensure that what we offer our visitors not only meets the official standard, but exceeds it.  We constantly redecorate rooms and replace soft furnishings, bed linen etc. to complement the decor and enhance comfort levels,  and we continually upgrade the equipment and facilities offered to our guests.We have invested heavily to ensure that we have duplicates of many items so that even during Covid times you can enjoy facilities while the duplicate item is away being disinfected.

Monmouthshire Cottages LLP is the registered (family business ) partnership which acts as an administration and booking service on behalf of the owners of Foxes Reach, Vanilla Cottage and Tintern Abbey Cottage.

Prices on the website are subject to change without notice but we will honour prices agreed at the time deposits are paid.

Payment methods

  • Our preferred payment method is via our simple and secure online Worldpay system. You can use Visa, Mastercard and Amercan express cards. (We do not see your card details which is why it is better for you, the whole thing being handled by the banks) .
  • We can accept payment by telephone- We prefer debit cards which are free of charge to you.
  • We can accept Visa and Mastercard cards by telephone free of charge.
  • We try not to accept any payments by cheque now as we are charged by our bank for processing  and have to drive 18 miles to our bank!  We hate passing this cost  on to you. It can be several pounds per cheque .Please use BACS or plastic if possible.
  • We prefer to use plastic as we can then confirm your stay immediately.  However if you wish to pay by bank transfer  from   a UK bank account  please ask for our BACS details. If you are transferring funds from abroad  you are responsible for paying us the sterling price and you pay any bank charges or other fees. Cards are generally a much better option for overseas customers without a UK bank account.

TIP In our experience  payment from overseas is far safer, easier and cheaper for you by credit card . Just use our secure Worldpay link or telephone us with a card.

Deposit payments

  • For holidays booked more than eight weeks prior to arrival a booking deposit of £100 per week or part week of your stay is required.
  • Bookings made at shorter notice- full payment is required to confirm.
  • Once we have received your booking deposit  and issued you with a confirmation, we regard that holiday as confirmed for you.
  •  We maintain a personal service and comfirm your stay  by writing to you personally to confirm your booking ( e mail) or speaking with you. Our service is not based upon a computer database sending out standard booking letters. We are a family business and choose to maintain a manual system and a very personal booking service. Sometimes we are too busy looking after  guests already here to do this instantly but we are as speedy as possible.

Balance payments

  • The balance is payable in full NOT LATER than eight weeks prior to your scheduled arrival date. You may pay earlier.
  • The full amount is payable immediately on booking for all bookings made less than eight weeks prior to the date of arrival.
  • We do not normally write to you with a reminder that the balance is due so please take care to make a note in your diary as to the latest payment date .If you miss your balance due date you run the risk of losing your reservation and your deposit payment.Paying on time is your responsibility.

TIP If you are an overseas guest you might like to keep an eye on the exchange  rate of your currency to Sterling. If early payment helps you to take advantage of a saving its fine by us. This does happen!

Failure to pay on time

  • You should pay your deposit within 24 hours of making the reservation.  We cannot undertake to block dates which may not be required.
  • May result in cancellation of your holiday and the loss of your deposit. We do not want you to be disappointed but it is your responsibility to ensure you contact us and pay the balance on time.
  • In the event that card is declined we will represent  it.In the event that the card is declined after two presentations we may cancel the booking with loss of deposit.

Covid Cancellations , curtailments and refunds

  • All amounts are non-refundable and so we strongly advise all visitors to ensure that they have arranged adequate insurance to cover cancellation of the visit.  This should particularly include cover in case you have to cancel due to illness of yourself or a close relative, or inclement weather which affects travel. It is now possible to insure your stay in case you get covid or must self isolate. From September 1st 2021 we are regarding such cancellations in the same way as other illnesses and as we will no longer  refund payments as we did when the pandemic was new and insurance was impossible – Please insure!
  • As you may be aware we were closed to guests by law  from March – July 2020 , In October 2020 ,  and again from 20 December  20 due to the Coronavirus precautions of the Welsh Government . All guests were quickly offered new travel dates and all monies were carried forward to those dates at no extra charge for the effort.In the event that we are again obliged to be closed by law at the time of your stay we will of course offer you the opportunity to change your arrival date and so save your holiday – choose any available date up to 12 months ahead of your original booking date , for any duration, at any one of our three cottages. We will carry forward in full the amount you have paid us as a credit to the price of the new booking.  There is no charge for this effort.
  • Those who have made a new booking on or after 20 October 2020 may request a full refund if their stay is cancelled due to the closure by law of our cottage  or a national lockdown of their home nation. However most guests, and we, prefer  to reduce disappointment by changing the stay date instead  so we recommend  this option .
  • In the event  that we are forced to curtail your stay due to difficulties at the cottage including circumstances beyond our control such as adverse weather conditions, fire, flood  or damage to the cottage, we will of course offer you a refund of the unused part of your stay on a nightly pro rate basis or  we will offer an alternative cottage  subject to availability. This will be discussed with you.  However please note our responsibility is limited to refunding the value of the unused part of your stay only.
  • The Welsh Government could demand that we close  our hot tub or other facilities during the Corona pandemic (or during periods of drought or other situations beyone our control )If you are still permitted to stay but some facilities are withdrawn by Government instruction we will not make any refund.
  • In the event that any one of your party members displays coronavirus symptoms during your stay or is told to self isolate  during the stay you MUST advise us immediately. We will advise you how to arrange a test but as there could be a delay in getting results the whole party should  leave the property immediately and UK residents should go directly home to await results there. This is  also the most comfortable option for you.  There will be no refund  for the unused part of the stay in this instance. Please insure.

Changes to your booking

We know that sometimes you may  wish to change your date of stay, or even switch from one of our cottages to another. This does cause us quite a lot of work. We will always do our very best to help you provided that we think we can resell the space you are releasing and can offer something you now require. This may not be the case if you are asking for a date change at very short notice and we are not obliged to agree to a date change.  Because of the considerable extra paperwork work there is a flat charge of £30 for such changes which must be paid at the time that the change is made-  but where change is possible we will carry forward what you have paid to date to the new booking. We do not make an amendment charge in the case of compulsory Covid lockdowns.

Damage to the property

  • Insurance against accidental damage to the cottage by visitors or their pets is also strongly recommended as we do expect that the property will be left in the condition in which you were welcomed. We are unlikely to charge for minor breakages but more serious damage or unusual extra cleaning will be charged for . If you arrive to find anything damaged please report it to us  within 24hours . It is most unlikely that this will be the case as we always go the extra mile to be sure everything is in great condition for every guest. However we have been saddened by people causing damage and then claiming it was like that when they arrived  when we know full well that is not true. So now we will hold everyone responsible for the condition on departure. If something has happened before your arrival please simply  protect your own interests and make sure you let us know right away in writing ( e mail is recommended) !
  • Pets are part of your party and damage caused by your pets is also your responsibility. This includes damage done to our gardens. We do regard dog mess left in the garden as damage. Please clean it up!
  • In the event that there is a charge for damage we will notify you of the amount as soon as we can get quotes for repairs or replacements and we may charge you accordingly. To avoid this issue please advise us of such situations before you leave. Its much easier to make amends in person and we are not unreasonable. We will only charge what is necessary but we have to have the cottage as perfectly ready for the next guests as it was for you and we cannot afford delay.
  • We reserve the right to request a deposit (bond) payable at the time of arrival. Should we require this in respect of your booking, we will advise you in correspondence confirming your booking. We will accept a valid debit or credit card with at least 6 months left before its expiry date as guarantee. We will also accept cash (UK Sterling). The balance, less any amount for deductions, will be returned to you within one week of your departure. A security bond will be requested at our discretion and is to protect against the cost of possible damage. We may also request a card number to cover sundry charges such as firewood logs, telephone line or other items.

Households and bubbles

  • In non Covid times we are not restricted as to how many households can be represented in the cottage or where they can come from – the only restriction is the overall number of people.However the pandemic has caused restrictions to be imposed  by Welsh Government from time to time.
  • Covid rules regarding the number of people and households which can stay in one cottage can be complex.  We must comply with the Law of Wales and you must comply with  Welsh laws and also the laws of your home address (es)  at the time of travel. Please note that you are expected to adhere to the law regarding the number of households represented in your party as well as the total number of people staying.   If more than one household is represented in your booked group it may become illegal for all party members to travel to us . Please be responsible and honest about this matter and we will do our best to be fair with you.
  • FLEXIBLE SPECIAL OFFER PRICE   during the Covid pandemic . This is a flexible offer based on party size in order that it would be possible for you to add or subtract those from other households joining you with a price adjustment accordingly if the number of households rules changed. Friends expecting to come with you but now not travelling, even if for a special celebration, would not be a reason for us to offer a full cancellation refund as you would be able to travel without them and if you cancelled completely this would be of your own volition.  We would limit the refund to the amount paid in respect of the additional party members unable to travel. We do understand that this could be a disappointing situation but sadly Government restrictions are outside our control.


People extra to the number booked to use the cottage

  • Sometimes small party discounts have been applied to the rental price because a smaller than full house number of guests have been booked. In the event that additional persons not included in this offer stay at the cottage for all or any part of the stay,  an additional amount of £50 per person per night (or the rate quoted to you in your booking confirmation letter, or the full amount of the discount  given, if less,)  will become payable before departure. Once your booked party size has been agreed it is not acceptable for you to bring extra people without our specific permission in writing (and without paying any applicable  extra charges. Extra children  babies and pets do count too! ) This is incredibly important during the corona pandemic  when health is at risk  and its  not just a matter of cost. Guests breaking rules on this matter  and bringing extra guests without our permission will entitle us to ask the whole party to leave at once and without refund.
  • In the event that you have not booked an arrangement with  flexible party size but have selected a fixed price stay for the appropriate duration you MUST still advise us of the number in the party and you may not add to this without our permission in writing- even when the price is not affected. This is due to COVID legislation  and insurance considerations and every person staying must comply with all rules.
  • The maximum number of guests at Foxes Reach and at Tintern Abbey Cottage is limited to 6 and 3 at Vanilla Cottage- plus one baby aged less than 12 months at each. It is in visitors own interests to respect these limits. Extra people may not be invited to stay without our express consent in writing. Breach of this rule will be regarded as a breach of the entire contract and the whole party can be asked to leave without refund.
  • During the coronavirus pandemic it was not permitted for  those staying at the cottage to invite into the cottage or its outdoor areas any person whatsoever without our express permission. We are aware that many guests will intend to meet up with friends or relatives in our area but this cannot be in our property unless  we have Welsh Government permission.We regret this and will relax this rule as soon as safe, however  when this Government rule is in place breaches  of this rule will result in the entire party being asked to leave immediately and without refund.Please check with us as this situation is fluid.
  • No person who is not resident at Foxes Reach ,or who does not have our express permission in writing, may use the hot tub.

Disturbance to neighbours

  • Our neighbours ( and we) live in this delightful rural area all the time and we are on good terms with them. We know that you are on holiday and want to let your hair down, however  you have selected a quiet property and disturbance to neighbours by you or your pets cannot be allowed. Please be considerate, particularly where parking, noise and pets are concerned.  At Foxes Reach please observe the operating hours of the hot tub. In the event that we receive complaints we will pass them on to you but  please be aware that if the issue continues we are within our rights to ask you all to leave immediately and without refund. In over 20 years of letting cottages we have never had major issues, most of our guests have been lovely considerate people welcomed ( and recognised and warmly  welcomed back ) by the neighbours.  Please help keep it that way!


  • One non-mobile infant is  counted in the party size but  accommodated  free of charge. If you have a second infant please consult us . Foxes Reach and Tintern Abbey Cottage each have a travel cot but we do not supply linen for infants. Please request the cot at the time of booking.  Both cottages also have a highchair suitable for a baby who can sit unaided and there is a baby gate.  Both houses have a changing mat and a nursery fireguard, a bathroom step and various plastic beakers and spoons.  These facilities are available free of charge  but please note that  the nursery equipment is kept in store and is only brought out for you if booked it – and if not already promised to another party..
  • Vanilla Cottage is not equipped with a cot as the cottage is not suitable for mobile infants. A tiny non mobile baby is welcome in its own moses basket  at no extra charge but for reasons of insurance the child must be prebooked with us.


  • An additional charge is made for pets (cat, dog, horses) The price for each cat is the same as that for each dog. The price for a horse is by negotiation. Should you decide to bring pets at the last minute, then the appropriate charge will become payable upon arrival.
  • There is usually no charged for caged pets such as hamsters etc however they are to remain caged at all times. Damage caused by pets including birds will be charged for in full.
  • Dogs may not remain home alone or be left in the cottage or garden without the presence of an adult member of your party.If you want to leave a dog alone for a short while it MUST be caged and on a hard washable floor. This is not negotiable whatever the age or type of dog.
  • Pets are part of your party and damage caused by your pets is your responsibility. This includes damage done to our gardens. We do regard dog mess left in the garden as damage. Please clean it up!

Whats included?

  • The holiday price is inclusive of use of the cottage for the time specified, electricity,  or other central heating as specified , bedlinen (duvets) and towels. Robes are porovided at Vanilla Cottage for adults only. If your “child” is in fact a large teen please request a robe.
  • Firewood /kindling/firelighters are not included unless specified in your letter of confirmation and must be paid for on departure. To make this easy you may authorize us to charge the cost of logs to your credit card.Sometimes we place sacks of logs in the sitting rooms for your convenience. This  does not mean they are free of charge. If we have put logs actually in the woodburner for you it is a gift.
  • Some packages include other benefits, which vary from time to time and according to how you  booked  These benefits will be confirmed to you at the time of booking. ( If you have booked via an agent they are responsible for their description of what is included )

Check in and check out times

  • We will send you details of how to access your holiday cottage once we have received your final payment and you have returned our Track and Trace health questionnaire with all sections satisfactory.
  • Our check in time is now 4.30 pm.  It used to be 4pm pre covid but the extra  disinfecting  and airing takes us much longer. If we are able to revert to 4pm we will advise you but we  will only do this if we can safely prepare the house for an earlier time. We would appreciate your  letting us know at what time you are actually likely to arrive so that we can arrange your welcome with lights and heating as appropriate . ( We are unable to welcome you before the stated time on your  day of arrival as we must  ensure that the cottages have been cleaned and aired thoroughly after the previous guests.) If we have to make changes to this timing it will be notified by changes to the digital guide book you will have.
  • We do ask you to be aware that the departure time is 9-30am sharp. Our cleaning team has a routine they must adhere to.We cannot afford to pay them to stand outside waiting.

TIP In the event that you need a very much earlier arrival or departure time  for a wedding or similar occasion please ask us. It isn’t always possible We can sometimes arrange it by re-organizing – or by paying extra cleaning staff to help us. We will advise you of the extra cost if there is one . If you are coming direct to us from a long haul international flight we will try to provide this service free of charge but we must have your travel details well in advance please! If you actually plan to arrive  or depart on a day other than your supposed arrival /departure day please let us know so that we can attend to the secrurity of the house.

On leaving

  • It is a condition of booking that the cottage is left undamaged, clean and tidy and that all dog poos are removed from the garden, bagged and binned. If there is unfortunately damage please report it to us right away.
  • During the corona pandemic, and even now that the restrictions have been relaxed by Governments but the virus is still a threat,  we have had to give you a set of instructions as to what you MUST do , particularly with used linen and refuse, before departing. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL and it is not due to our laziness. It is a World Health Organisation  stipulation for the health and safety of everyone, particularly our cleaning team. Your failure to do this risks spreading Covid virus and can put lives at risk. Please comply.Thank you

Complaints about the cottage

If anything goes wrong/is not up to standard at the cottage we will do everything possible to rectify it right away for you. This is pretty rare as we have a full programme of preventative maintenance but sometimes things can go wrong.  Please note that  we will not entertain  complaints raised after your stay  has ended if you have not  informed us of your complaint and given us the opportunity to resolve the issue during the stay.


  • At our discretion we may charge or not for breakages. Please do not worry about spending your precious holiday buying replacement items without advising us as we may have spares in stock for a perfect match!  Please do advise us of breakages however. Its so much easier for us than having to count every glass for each arrival!

Deliveries to your cottage

  • If you have made arrangements , possibly with an internet delivery service, to have food, flowers,  or other items delivered, please ensure that you will be present to receive the delivery.  In the case of overseas guests ( only) ordering for arrival day we will try to meet your delivery and make arrangements to ensure that food is put away promptly, but we do not guarantee this service and you should discuss our ability to help you with this before ordering.

Land line telephone

  • An open land line telephone is available in each of the cottages on request . To install this we will require a debit card and we will charge the cost of the calls to your card as you depart.  It is a condition of booking the holiday and requesting these facilities that you will pay for the cost of the calls made during your stay. We will obtain the telephone bill at the start of your holiday and again upon departure to form the basis of the charge, from BT, our telephone service provider. International calls from the UK are expensive. Please do not use the charges that you incur in your home country as indicative of what you can expect to pay during your holiday. Whats app /E mail /Skype via your laptop  and our free  WiFi is a cheaper option. VAT will be applied by the provider to the cost of calls.

Television , WiFi , and interactive services

  • At our cottages  we provide BT Vision TV  which gives you about 120 TV  channels plus radio and BT Sport. We protect our account with a PIN number. The costs of using any interactive services or premium movies or sporting events etc. are the responsibility of the visitor and are not included in the cost of your cottage rental. If you tell us that you would like to take advantage of these extra facilities, we will check the costs with BT  prior to your departure , give you the PIN, and it is a condition of booking that such amounts will be paid in full prior to your departure.
  • We know that PINS are not foolproof. Use of these extra services without prior arrangement will result in an invoice to the lead customer on the booking with the costs of the interactive services incurred plus a  hefty service charge for any costs charged to us . We will, of course provide you with a copy of the statement received from the provider  detailing the films watched and or services used.
  • If you have passwords for services  such as Netflix/Prime you may login on our systems . You are responsible for removing your own details from our system.  If you leave a password in place we cannot be held responsible if another guest should find and use it.
  • At all three cottages we pay for BT Superfast WiFi. However we are aware that sometimes speeds drop , branches fall on lines, weather or other things reduce the service in our very rural  area. We will always try to get this rectified fast for you but we cannot be held responsible for such occurrences and no refund is due if such things occur.


  • Use of the woodburners is optional. Logs are chargeable, except where stated otherwise in the package. We will advise you on arrival as to the value of the logs that we have left  at the cottage for your use. Payment is made on the basis of those actually used. We may request a DEPOSIT in advance as stated above. In the event that logs have been used but payment slips your mind upon departure, we reserve the right to write to you with an invoice or to charge to your payment card. NO LOGS are included in your rental other than any actually in the woodburner for your arrival. Logs placed in the sitting room are simply for your convenience- not free of charge.
  • We have no objection if you wish to bring suitable logs to the house rather than buying those we supply. However these must be kiln dried logs not scrap or green wood. Not only can the wrong type of wood damage our expensive burner but it is ungreen (and is about to become illegal in the UK). Under no circumstances may you burn coal, charcoal or any other materials in the logburners.

Hot Tub

  • At Foxes Reach we have a hot tub in the garden. We will supply you with instructions for use and it is essential that these are complied with in full. There are important health and safety issues. You must allow us access to the hot tub to monitor the water condition on a daily basis. We do try to come at a time which is least intrusive and when most guests would be out but sometimes you will see us. We do not need to enter the cottage, only the laundry room  and courtyard area, and we always announce our presence. If you do not wish us to disturb you by servicing the tub please advise in advance and we can arrange for the tub to be disconnected. No refund applies.
  • There is also the question of disturbance to our neighbours which must be avoided. In the event of complaints from our neighbours the tub may be locked off from the use of the guests concerned.  No refund will apply in this case.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure that the use of the hot tub would not be detrimental to your health. If in doubt please consult your own doctor before your arrival.
  • You may not use our tub if suffering from any condition which may be passed to others or if under the influence of any drug including alcohol.
  • We do not provide any safety surveillance of the tub, such as a lifeguard, and it is the responsibility of the person in whose name the holiday is booked to ensure that the tub is not available to pets , small children or others who may come to harm. In particular please note that we sanitize the tub with bromine which is harmful to dogs.
  • The Welsh Government could demand that we close  our hot tub or other facilities during the Corona pandemic or during a drought. If you are still permitted to stay but some facilities are withdrawn by law we will not make any refund.

Water restrictions

  • We maintain the quality of the hot tub water carefully and make regular checks to keep the sanitizing chemicals at the correct levels. The water in the tub has to be changed completely or topped up from time to time and you must allow us regular access to the tub to do this.
  • In the event that a hosepipe or swimming pool ban is imposed in the area we will not be able to refill the pool and this may result in restricted use or no use of the hot tub at all. We appreciate that this would be a disappointing situation however it would be outwith our control and no refund would be applicable.
  • Our hot tub is regularly service and professionally maintained. In the event that the hot tub breaks down we will do our best to get a repair effected as fast as possible. However the availability of a professional engineer or a part may be a constraint. We appreciate that this would be a disappointing situation however it would be outwith our control and no refund would be applicable.

Access Statements

We  welcome all to our cottages but the buildings and facilities may not be suitable for you.  If there is doubt please contact us for advice before making your booking and after you have read our  access statements.

If you would like details of the Cottages and facilities to be described to you by a real person please telephone +44 (0)1600 860341

All bookings are accepted on the basis that you have agreed to these terms and conditions.

We look forward to welcoming you to our cottages.

The rights of trademark owners are acknowledged.


We would like to thank Visit Wales for supplying a number of the images that have been used in the website these remain © Crown Copyright (2014) Visit Wales.

Some photographs have been  taken for us by Anthony Ball Photography  and some by David Broadbent – whose services we can recommend.

We would like to thank our guests, friends and their pets for photos of themselves used on this site!  You are all beauties!

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