Breaks with deals for just a couple

We know that sometimes a party of just two  would like to use one of the cottages .  Typically this is in the off season at Foxes Reach or Tintern Abbey Cottage  when a couple may like to use a house which could sleep 6

What’s different from a normal short break?

Nothing is different at the cottages themselves – you still get all our normal extras  BUT the party size offer means that smaller parties will make a saving over the full house price.You get everything the cottage usually offers but we will ask you to confine yourselves to a set number of bedrooms ( which saves us laundry and partly why we pass on the saving to you)

Why do we charge extra for use of a second bedroom by a party of two ?

This is due to the newly very high cost of cleaning and laundry for each room. Since Covid we have to launder every item in the room ( yes including mattress protectors, bedspreads, scatter cushions etc every time. Items which are less easy to wash like pillows are also disinfected, aired, and then quarantined for at least a week- which means we have to have several sets  of everything on the go. Even the things which are washed have to be treated differently , with hot wash, and a disinfectant process.) And when we clean its not just clean its all disinfected too – which takes our team much more time and expensive technical antiviral product.


are not part of the  rules and we still welcome up to 2 at the usual pet rates.


When do these ofers apply?

On those dates shown on the availability page.   Just put in your preferred date and have a look! If you see a price which ends in a few odd pence this may be one of these offers- the  odd pence price is caused by the discount offered. Hover over the ORANGE  OFFER Box to see the full details of the deal and please be careful to look at the drop down menus to see if there are extra charges for extra people. Our system was never designed for these deals and we know this is a bit clumpy (but worth it to give you a saving)

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