NEW –    Breaks with Flexible party size  at Foxes Reach and Tintern Abbey Cottage

What is a flexi break ?

Bubble breaks (including the hot tub  at Foxes Reach ) and Flexi breaks  ( at a Tintern Abbey Cottage without a tub) are designed to help you meet any imposed  Rule of 6, Single household,  and Tier  type rules.

What’s different from a normal short break?

Nothing is different at the cottages themselves – you still get all our normal extras  BUT the party size flexibility means that smaller parties will make a saving over the full house price. You have peace of mind that the basic booking can still go ahead – even if some people originally booked cannot travel with you.Equally, if rules change in your favour, you may be able to bring extra people .

Single Household Families

can continue to travel to our cottages  from many places – however you must follow the current government guidance. This usually means that if you are from an area  affected by  restrictions  you must not stay with people you do not live with .  We do expect this restriction to soften  during 2021 but do not know the date when this will be .Please do not expect to share the cottage with another household until Government has give the OK>

Flexibility to stay within the law

To make sure you can enjoy a break and still stay within the law we now offer stays with flexible party sizes. For your peace of mind you can now book for the party size you expect to travel . If later you find you are  affected  by new rules  you may need to change the number of people in the party you are travelling with . For example, you may need to be only  a single household  or  everyone may have to be from a Postcode currently accepted by the Wales Government due to its low infection rates.

If you have booked a Flexi/ Bubble Break  we will refund the supplements for those party members no longer able to travel.  Equally, if it becomes  legal to bring an extra person,  you can add more up to the max party size of 6  and we will just charge you the extra supplement for them. Just e mail us!  The price shown is for the first two people sharing one double room and there are supplements for extra people up to the max party size of 6.

Why do we charge extra for use of a second bedroom by a party of two ?

This is due to the newly very high cost of cleaning and laundry for each room. Since Covid we have to launder every item in the room ( yes including mattress protectors, bedspreads, scatter cushions etc every time. Items which are less easy to wash like pillows are also disinfected, aired, and then quarantined for at least a week- which means we have to have several sets  of everything on the go. Even the things which are washed have to be treated differently , with hot wash, and a disinfectant process.) And when we clean its not just clean its all disinfected too – which takes our team much more time and expensive technical antiviral product.


are not part of the  rules and we still welcome up to 2 at the usual pet rates.

UK Government / Wales Government advice
It is important that you to keep up to date with the latest Government advice and Covid-19 regulations and understand what this means for your personal circumstances.  If you do make the decision to continue with your break then we will assume that you and your party are compliant with latest Government advice. Please do comply to help everyone stay safe.

When do these ofers apply?

March to June 2021 and  September  to December 2021 on dates shown on the availability page.   Just put in your preferred date and have a look! If you see a price which ends in a few odd pence this may be one of these offers- the  odd pence price is caused by the discount offered. Hover over the ORANGE  OFFER Box to see the full details

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