The sun has got his hat on. Will it be SCORCHIO today?

Will it be SCORCHIO today ?

Lazy suummer days

Wye Valley June gardens

Soft clean Welsh Rain

Jumping in puddles is fun!

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

Wye Valley September

Spectacular snow

Wye Valley January beauty

Fire in the leaves

October in the Forest of Dean

Live Weather !

Todays weather feed comes to you LIVE from the UK Met Office. Readings are at Trelleck, 2 miles from Foxes Reach and the location of our Church, Doctor, and Primary school, not to mention historic standing stones and The Lion Pub with good food! This is the most local forecast for Tintern as well – though note that as Trellech is higher and Tintern down in the  Wye Valley Tintern may be a degree or two different due to the influence of the river and the shelter of the Wye Valley.
(there are around 30 different spellings of Trellech- but its all the same place!)

When you stay you will discover that due to our hills, valleys and estuaries we have numerous local micro climates – which is why our prizewinning local wine growing friends are very picky about exactly which field they plant with which variety of vine!

Weather Widgets

This Trelleck weather forecast is generated by the Met Office Weather Widget

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